[Sugar-devel] Renaming HTML ---> Web

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Fri May 31 10:19:06 EDT 2013


we an informal discussion we agreed on calling the activities that are 
"coded in a browser-supported programming language (such as JavaScript, 
combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) and reliant 
on a common web browser to render the application executable [1]": Web 

This is in line with the term used for web applications.

The following repositories have been deprecated and are only available 
in Daniel's user space:


The latter three have been merged into: sugar-web

sugar-html-test is now called sugar-web-test and sugar-html-template has 
been renamed to sugar-web-template.

The repositories sugar-build and sugar-toolkit-gtk3 have been changed 
accordingly. Same as the documentation at [2].

If you update your sugar-build, the directories *html* won't be deleted 
automatically, you will have to delete them by hand, sorry for the 

Writing a web activity has never been that easy, please follow the 
instructions at [3]. In order for us to shape the web activity API in 
this development cycle we encourage activity authors to start writing 
web activities now. The API will still see changes, the environment will 
see changes and yes there will be bumps here and there but you will 
benefit from this 'at the edge' experience and help us to get to a great 
result we all will enjoy in the end. Thanks in advance for your 


[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_application
[2] http://developer.sugarlabs.org/
[3] http://developer.sugarlabs.org/activity.md.html

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