[Sugar-devel] view source patch series

Walter Bender walter at sugarlabs.org
Mon Jun 6 14:26:02 EDT 2011

I have done an overhaul of viewsource in order to fix a few bugs and to add two major enhancements: (1) an option to copy bundle_source into a new activity; and (2) the ability to view Sugar source.

The minor bug fixes include:
* Accounting for a bundle exec path that is not in the root directory (#2846)
* Cleaning up the grammar of debug message
* Making consistent use of _logger.debug
* Not returning if HandleViewSource service available (#2862)
* Preventing view source display of .pyo, .pyc, .so, .mo and ~ files (#2854)

The two enhancements are:
* Add copy submenu to viewsource (#2859)
* Add view Sugar source to viewsource

Note that an additional patch (sent in a separate email) adds a new icon used as an overlay when copying the bundle. This is at the suggestion of Ana Cichero with help from Manuel Quiñones.


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