[Sugar-devel] [ANNOUNCE] 0.92 schedule update

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Wed Feb 9 13:35:15 EST 2011


today I met with Sascha to talk about our upcoming 0.92 release.

Originally the schedule followed a 6 months cycle [1]. Since we did not 
work much on Features for this cycle we decided to only do a bugfix 
release, due the 18th of February. Since there are some bigger changes 
in the code (pep8 fixes) we still will call it 0.92. Bugfix release 
(point releases 0.92.1, 0.92.2...) are possible after that date.

The following items that infect the release were discussed as well:

* Don't hide Register menu item upon successful registration (currently 
in master d9d25a926a88a30cdbb76d3620e66b1daaab4fd0)

Introduction: The reset registration to the school server has a long 
history [2][3]. The patch that landed in master is based on a request 
from a deployment (re-register after an XS crash), other use cases are 
to connect to another school server (different school). Another 
deployment recently requested to hide the item altogether because 
they're apparently doing the registration automatically in some way. To 
consider in the design discussion is as well the lack of feedback when 
registering [4].

Todo: We should describe the use cases and then find a good way of 
fixing this issue. This would be best handled by an email discussion 
streamlined in a Feature page [5].

* Dynamically set number of control panel columns (currently in master 

Introduction: The patch from Anish does address an long standing issue 
that 'Icons should be placed on the screen without having to scroll if 
there is enough space' described in [6]. It does not handle wrapping of 
the text if this exceeds the (2.5 * Cell size) which is reserved for an 
Icon. Anish bumped into an issue with that which is filed as [7].

Todo: 1. file a bug on the GTK bug tracker with m_anish's test case. 2. 
prepare a patch to replace the current code with gtk.IconView based code 
and see whether it's impacted as well. (if 2. works, we can merge it in 
0.92. Otherwise we need to block on upstream for a fix (or get someone 
to fix it).

* Journal Entry Sharing

Introduction: That Feature is presented in [8]. Sascha requested some 
minor additions before merging into mainline.

Todo: a) remove the metadata if there is not an associated file (e.g. 
file has been deleted), so any file that gets written with the same name 
in the future doesn't get associated with stale metadata. Files are 
often named "Untitled.odt" etc., so it might be a rather common case. b) 
delete metadata if it gets corrupted (don't delete the actual file) c) 
remove preview if mtime does not match (e.g. Peter saves his Write entry 
to a storage device, he opens it in OpenOffice on his mother's computer 
and his mother corrects some errors ---> the preview will be outdated), 
this might not be a too big issue - input on the design team on this 

* Cpu and memory resource indicator to frame (currently in master 

Introduction: This patch is controversial because of the design (e.g. 
[9]). The need to indicate system status is agreed on. It should go 
through another iteration before landing.

Todo: a) for 0.92 revert the patch b) create a Feature page that does 
describe the idea etc (include all the links to previous discussions) c) 
and then get the discussion going

* Design meeting
We would like to reestablish the design meetings as those are important 
for more detailed design discussions. Stay tuned on hopefully soonish 
updates on this.


[1] 0.92 tentative schedule: 
[2] Reset registration form school server (long term): 
[3] Reset registration form school server (0.84): 
[4] Feedback when register with school server: 
[5] Feature Policy: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/Policy
[6] Control Panel - improve space usage: 
[7] Pygtk bug: http://www.mail-archive.com/pygtk@daa.com.au/msg19397.html
[8] Journal Entry Sharing: 
[9] What should system mood really mean?: 

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