[Sugar-devel] pygame activities stop XO sleep?

Peter Hewitt prh at mulawa.net
Fri Dec 31 09:24:42 EST 2010

At 10:46 PM 31/12/2010, you wrote:
>In addition to advice from James, you might also want to consider the case 
>when your activity is not in the user focus, as they switch away to a 
>different activity or use one of the home views. A few months back I added 
>some extra event checks to Physics so that it minimises its run loop work 
>when not in focus (updates come from a continious physics simulation so I 
>can't simply idle screen redraws when the user isn't interacting with the UI).
>Line 47-49 set up the needed events:
>     http://git.sugarlabs.org/physics/mainline/blobs/master/activity.py#line47

Hi Gary,

I have looked at Physics before but your pointing me at the exact lines is 
a great help - it also gives me an appreciation of the usefulness of git :o)

James' redraw idea is working well but sadly no-one seems able to assist 
with the problem of the XO-1 losing the ability to suspend even AFTER my 
activity exits. I hasten to add that my XO-1 suspends normally if I don't 
use my activity.


PS I've just checked Physics on my XO-1 and it behaves in the same way. BTW 
this is not peculiar to my XO - my chief tester reported the same issue.

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