[Sugar-devel] A heads up for the major changes that will appear in Fedora 15 / SoaS 5

Sascha Silbe sascha-ml-reply-to-2010-4 at silbe.org
Thu Dec 30 15:21:29 EST 2010

Excerpts from Peter Robinson's message of Thu Dec 30 21:10:32 +0100 2010:

> So are we saying that we don't want sugar on a stick for the F-15
> release cycle and are happy to have it dropped from the Fedora Spins
> and someone else is prepared do the work to get it back to that
> status? Or do people generally not care about SoaS?

My personal take on this:

1. I don't know even close to enough about what actually is going to
   break in F15 if we do/don't go the "Gnome 3" route. I've heard
   conflicting opinions on what will happen to applications that
   keep on using the "Gnome 2" stuff.
2. Unless we get a lot of outside help, I don't think we'll be able
   to do the switchover to Gnome 3 within the 0.92 time line.


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