[Sugar-devel] git problems (reprise)

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Wed Dec 29 07:12:43 EST 2010

Sascha Silbe wrote:
> Excerpts from Art Hunkins's message of Tue Dec 28 21:47:27 +0100 2010:
>> Please advise me on one point: once the local repo is established 
>> (filemix.git), what's the simplest way to copy all my (revised) activity 
>> files (including subdirectory) to filemix.git?
> First of all, like James already mentioned, the easiest (and in fact
> most common) way is to always work from within a git working tree. You
> don't have to copy any file around. Git keeps track of which files
> are "part" of your repository and which of them changed since your last
> commit.
> Running "git status" will show you which changes are already "scheduled"
> for inclusion in the next commit (i.e. those you already ran "git add"
> on), which changes to files that were part of the previous commit  are
> not yet scheduled for inclusion, but would be added when using
> "git commit -a" and finally which files exist that were not part of the
> previous commit (either because you don't want them in git or because they
> are new and you haven't "git add"ed them yet).
> == Cheat sheet ==
> Setup (once per machine you're working on):
>  git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/whatever/mainline.git whatever
> Regular usage:
>  cd whatever
> [hack away and test your changes]
>  git diff
> [review your changes, go back to hacking if you notice a mistake]
>  git status
>  git add NameOfNewFile # if you created any file you want included
>  git commit -a
> [describe your changes - by convention the first line is a summary and the remaining lines are long description]
> [start again at hacking if you're offline]
>  git log origin/master..master # shows you all commits not pushed yet
>  git push # if/once you are online
> Git offers a lot more commands and features that can make your life
> easier, but it's best to start off small and use only those mentioned
> above. It's very easy to get confused if you're unfamiliar with git.
> Even if you use the more advanced features, git does a pretty good job at
> allowing you to recover from your mistakes.
> So if you ever mess up and don't know how to fix it yourself, please
> stop (at least for me that's usually the hardest part ;) ), try to
> recollect the exact sequence of actions (e.g. from shell history) and ask
> for help.
> If you'd like to understand git and have a solid technical background,
> I recommend to try "Git from the bottom up" by John Wiegley (don't have
> a URL handy, sorry). It helped me quite a lot.

> == Small, potentially unhelpful glossary ==
> VCS: Version Control System. Keeps track of changes to a set of files.
> git: a modern, distributed VCS
> commit: set of changes to files tracked by a VCS, accompanied by metadata
>         (author, description, etc.)
> diff/patch: (usually textual) representation of changes. Also the names
>             of specific tools to create resp. apply this representation.
> repository: storage place for commits, usually of a certain piece of
>             software
> gitorious: software for hosting git repositories, including a web
>            interface for administration
> git.sugarlabs.org: server hosted by Sugar Labs running gitorious
> HTH, Sascha
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