[Sugar-devel] olpc/Sugar MAP Survey Says: Sprint to the Finish!

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Dec 24 13:10:07 EST 2010

30 Wonderfully Thoughtful Replies Already.  But the key here is that we 
ask folks OUTSIDE our usual circles, outside each of our usual age group 
-- how *they* want to codesign our global map to...

/Put your Favorite School Ever on the Map!/

Thanks again to Marina who thought this up, cooked up and did every 
aspect of this survey herself.  Singlehandedly she's a testament to the 
direct action power of volunteer organizing.

So if you run into folks during the coming ~24hrs who genuinely believe 
in Global Ed, please ask them too -- to explain why they believe 3rd 
World schools (and Every school) has a chance.  Ask them not just to 
talk the talk, but also ask them walk the walk explaining how:


PS Thanks Sebastian for translating into Spanish, today if possible, as 
the Survey will end tomorrow :)

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