[Sugar-devel] conection for usb-RJ45 xo-pc. no ip

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Wed Dec 15 16:27:03 EST 2010

G'day Esteban,

I think you've found an interesting problem, similar to #9544 or #9768,
but for USB ethernet instead of wireless.

Could someone (Kevin?) confirm this?  I've only one USB ethernet device.
Two USB ethernet devices are needed; connect one to each laptop, disable
wireless, connect a cable between the laptops, see if the laptops each
obtain an IP address.

When I connect my USB ethernet device to XO-1.5 running os852, with a
cable attached to a MacBook, a new interface eth1 is created, but no
IP address is assigned.  Running "avahi-autoipd eth1" fixes it, and
then I can ping.


James Cameron

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