[Sugar-devel] Moving On.

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Wed Dec 15 01:57:37 EST 2010

The Short Version: As many of you might have noticed, my activities within
Sugar Labs have been fading lately. I'd like to take the only responsible
step and hand my responsibilities off.

The Long Version: I didn't expect to see myself writing this email. I'm
currently a student at Olin working really hard to make it through finals
and at the same time fighting RSI and dealing with other things (
But I also feel that I've been dragging this e-mail out way too long. I'm
sorry. Nevertheless, I'm proud of what we accomplished over the past years.

I have great memories from the initial release of Sugar on a Stick at
LinuxTag (
and I still smile when I think of how we recovered from the ridiculous
unsustainability of the second release (
http://opensource.com/education/09/12/tasty-blueberry) and eventually even
made the third release as a team together (
Looking back, I found myself skimming old wiki pages and blog posts (

I'm particularly thankful for the experiences I had and the people I met.
However, I feel that it's time to move on. I'll be unsubscribing from a
couple of mailing lists, but I'll continue to work on bridging open source
and education on various levels and I'm always open to direct email. Just a
ping away. Email this address.

For Sugar on a Stick, Peter Robinson has alreading been leading the effort
up to the latest Mango Lassi release of Sugar on a Stick and done an
incredible work over the past year, leaving me confident that everything was
taken care of when I had to focus on my studies (both in Germany and the
US). I know from personal experience that taking on this work isn't an easy
task and I don't want to assume that you're just going to continue doing it
infinitely. It is your call. But you've done a great job. Thanks, Peter!

Good luck Sugar Labs. You've come a long way. Don't lose track of your

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