[Sugar-devel] Fwd: Problem developing app

Rodrigo Pérez Fulloni rodripf at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 08:33:54 EST 2010

Hi, this is my first activity and I made it following your manual (it's
excellent), and I can't find something different in my activity. I've tried
changing the location as you said, but nothing. Now I tried eliminating
every import, reducing the activity to minimum, only the GUI and the problem
persist! So I think the imports could be discarded as possible cause.
I'm going crazy!!! I don't know what is happening.
Any idea?
Rodrigo Pérez Fulloni

On Wed, Dec 8, 2010 at 5:41 PM, James Simmons <nicestep at gmail.com> wrote:

> Rodrigo,
> If you look at my book example on using PyGame you'll see that I
> recommend copying the sugargame directory into the root directory of
> the Activity:
> http://en.flossmanuals.net/ActivitiesGuideSugar/ActivitiesUsingPyGame
> You are also doing this.  That's why your import for sugargame is
> working, not because you're adding anything to the Python path.  You
> might try the same thing with your version of pygame.  I don't know if
> that will fix anything, but it's worth trying.  Have a look at my
> simple pygame example too, and see how it differs from yours.
> James Simmons
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