[Sugar-devel] 10.1.3 Testing page available

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Fri Dec 10 12:04:15 EST 2010


we have a page [1] available where you are invited to gather your
10.1.3 testing results. We hope to find out more quickly possibly
introduced regressions and get a sense of what works well. There are
some tests where details about the hardware you used are of interest to
us (e.g. Internet connection, USB2VGA). And of course, we hope it is fun 
for you to see a page like this grow!

Each 10.1.3 Feature has a section where you can comment. There are as
well some more generic tests like connecting to the Internet and
backwards compatibility tests. The last section has a list of bugs that
we think are important to test.

The current build available as of today is os358. All of the tests in
the page works as well with os357 if you have already downloaded that
one. The difference between os357 and os358 is *only* a new WikipediaEN, 
WikipediaES and a new Write and Paint activity.

Looking forward to the results,

[1] http://wiki.laptop.org/go/10.1.3/Testing
[2] http://build.laptop.org/10.1.3/

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