[Sugar-devel] UI: Advice about UI changes in Write

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Thu Dec 2 07:44:13 EST 2010

Gary and UI team:

Second, I am trying to do a few changes in Write, but I ask you about your
The first is easy: http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/3913
I have added the separators and changed the order. I added screenshot in
It's a change only for 0.84 branch and uwog think is ok.

In the second I have more doubts, related to the ticket
I am trying to add a easy access to the more useful zoom values (Page width
and whole page)
I changed the spinbutton by a combobox, but I don't know if is the right
May be I can add two buttons to access this options.
Screenshot http://dev.laptop.org/attachment/ticket/3316/combo-zoom.png
What you think?
The patch is for the 0.84 branch, but the change can be applied in master


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