[Sugar-devel] addons.mozilla.org - what needs to be done?

Mel Chua mel at melchua.com
Fri Jan 23 07:23:00 EST 2009

(ccing the dev list at Wade's request)

Hiya, Tomeu -

Wade said I should ask you what infrastructure work needs to be done to 
get addons.mozilla.org up and running. Could you point me towards 
logins/servers/existing work/trac tickets and help me get started?

This afternoon was the first I'd heard about us using 
addons.mozilla.org, and it gets a huge +1 from me - I'd like to be able 
to use it for reviews/comments/tags during Activity testing at the 
Wellington testers meetup next Saturday, so let me know what I have to 
do to get it up before then.



---- excerpted IRC log, for backstory ----

<mchua> cjb: is the idea to use the framework for addons.mozilla.org for 
sugar activities
<cjb> yes, exactly
<cjb> so, it's mainly for delivering .xos to laptops, as our 
wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities does now
<wadeb|w> there are two different faces to each activity, the user face 
and the developer face
<wadeb|w> addons.sl.o is the user facing portal
<wadeb|w> ie reviews of activities, comments, tags, hosting of .xo files
<wadeb|w> gitorious and w.sl.o/ActivityTeam/ is the developer facing 
<wadeb|w> so, if we create per-activity wiki pages they're gonna be 
developer focused
<wadeb|w> still, right now I'm down on per-activity anything as things 
tend to get lost
<mchua> wadeb|w: so if there's any infrastructure work that I can do to 
help that have a place to go next weekend, I would love to
<wadeb|w> we just need someone to find the time to finish it
<mchua> wadeb|w: I have time, not sure if I have know-how. how can i 
find out?
<wadeb|w> mchua: yeah, I'm pondering the best way to organize the data
<wadeb|w> mchua: it's just some python-based webserver hacking afaik.
<mchua> wadeb|w: ...that does sound like something I could do
<mchua> wadeb|w: i've got to pop out for a bit, conf lunchtime - it 
sounds like we need the infrastucture up before we can do any of the 
per-activity data migration, and that addons.sl.org is the 
infrastructure that needs to go up, and so my first task should be to 
get that up?
<wadeb|w> mchua: ok, ping tomeu for information on what needs to be done
<wadeb|w> mchua: sounds like a plan
<wadeb|w> mchua: it's our #1 activity infrastructure need right now

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