[Sugar-devel] working on addons.s.o

Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at sugarlabs.org
Sun Feb 1 05:21:31 EST 2009

Hi all,

I think Jason and Mick are the only ones that have shown interest and
aren't subscribed to sugar-devel, so I have cc'ed them.

We are starting to coordinate our work through
http://sugarlabs.org/go/ActivityTeam/Remora_port and may use this list
to keep everyone else updated on our work, ask questions, etc or we
could create a new mailing list if people feel there's too much noise
here. What's the general feeling on this?

I see that Mick has started to tackle the bugs open in Trac (see the
wiki page linked above for a report) and has been committing to the
local git tree in the server. We should be pushing those commits to a
common tree like the one we have already here:


I'm thinking that perhaps we could have that mainline repo always
updated to upstream, without any Sugar-specific patches, and then have
one more repo inside that project that would carry Sugar-specific
stuff and that would be updated periodically to the upstream one.

 In that Sugar-specific repo, we could have production, testing and
development branches to couple with the services in sunjammer

One more thing: what we had now running in the server was the upstream
code. We have a good bunch of code to add the activity bundle
addon-type, a "Sugar" application, etc in my repo:


I think that as a first step, we should create the repositories in
git.sugarlabs.org, along with any personal repos that people may wish,
and merge my work into the Sugar-specific devel branch.

Then we'll be quite close to a functional addons service for Sugar.

What do people think?



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