[sugar] OLPC News 2008-01-26

Richard A. Smith richard
Sun Jan 27 03:30:18 EST 2008

Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:

> - From the uninformed crazy ideas department:
> There's a temperature sensor in the battery compartment.  If the EC sees the
> battery temp hit -15C, and at the same time the voltage is, say, 10 mV above the
> low-voltage cutoff, it could _resume_ from suspend, in order to increase load on
> the battery, and therefore increase self-heating.  This would raise the battery
> voltage and extend battery life.

Some of the tests I had Carla run involved putting a running XO outside 
her window into -36C.  At that level of cold it just does not matter. 
The battery temp continues to drop regardless of what the XO is doing.

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