[sugar] can suspend be prevented ?

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On Sun, 13 Jan 2008 00:51:39 -0500
Chris Ball <cjb at laptop.org> wrote:

> Hi,
>    > Earlier, had not noticed my G1G1 going into suspend.  Now, with 681
>    > + d08, it does so when left to sit.  Unfortunately, after suspend
>    > my wired connection no longer works after the system wakes.  Can I
>    > prevent suspend from happening?
> Yes, with "touch /etc/ohm/inhibit-suspend".  (And "rm" it when done.)

I think, sugar should take care of this if an activity do not want the suspend feature. When the suspend locking activity has been finished and there is no other activity that is locking the suspend "/etc/ohm/inhibit-suspend" could be removed.
Maybe an activity could attache a line in /home/olpc/.inhibit-suspend with it's activity name. When the activity is done, this line will be removed from itself or sugar. If there is no line left in this file sugar could remove /etc/ohm/inhibit-suspend.

>    > [Seems to me such a situation can occur with a child -- what if he
>    > is running a science experiment powered from the OLPC USB bus?  He
>    > would not want his experiment interrupted by the OLPC dropping
>    > power (as happened to my USB-keyboard when the XO suspended).]
> Yes, we've considered refusing to suspend when certain classes of USB
> devices are plugged in.  This hasn't been implemented yet, though.

Classes and activities could use the same file as mentioned above?


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