[sugar] OLPC emulation

Bernardo Innocenti bernie
Thu Jan 3 19:12:59 EST 2008

Charles Galpin wrote:

> Not sure if you intentionally moved this off list, but i have left it  
> so.

It was totally unintentional, thus readding sugar@ to cc.

> Q is just a cocoa port of QEMU and it's covered already on the wiki  
> sufficiently. [1]
> I just added my Parallels experience under the existing Parallels  
> section.
> In general I agree using FOSS is best, but there are always going to  
> be cases where it just makes sense to use other resources if you  
> already have them and they are markedly better. I of course tried Q  
> first, but it was so slow it wasn't bearable :)

Probably QEMU on OSX has neigher kvm nor kqemu acceleration.
They require platform specific kernel modules.  I wonder how
Parallels manages to do that.

> charles
> [1] I find the wiki is rather disorganized and have had a hard time  
> finding information that's there.  The emulation section is no  
> different, with too many branches off.  I think it should be broken  
> down by OS only first, then under each OS list the tools available,  
> and put the FOSS stuff on top.  I don't feel qualified to make some of  
> these changes though.

Over the last few months, OLPC lacked manpower to maintain the
wiki properly.  Many pages are outdated or just very messy.
And the whole high level structure requires reshaping.

But lately we've seen many new volunteers joining in to clean
up things.  The technical support team has been doing an
impressive job with the Support FAQ and related pages.

Please do your best to help us clean up those areas you
care about.

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