[sugar] Sugar UI design - text copy/paste within Terminal

Mikus Grinbergs mikus
Wed Jan 2 19:32:33 EST 2008

I am used to working on a different operating system (OS/2), where I 
have a hypervisor-like capability to copy text from many different 
kinds of fields, *without* requiring the participation of the 
application which is displaying that text.  I feel that if it were 
the Sugar UI (rather than the individual Activities themselves) 
which provided __universal__ 'copy' and 'paste' services, using the 
OLPC laptop would be easier to learn, and more predictable.

My reason for saying this is that so far, I have not figured out a 
way to 'copy' and 'paste' in Terminal.  In particular, though the 
wiki describes CTRL-C as the way to copy a current selection to the 
clipboard, all too often CTRL-C results instead in terminating 
whichever command is currently being run from the command line in 

I realize that the OLPC design philosophy is to simplify the UI 
(e.g., no double click).  So I do not know an acceptable way ('grab' 
key, perhaps) to activate a facility_above_the_Activity_level (OS/2 
uses a right_mouse_button_click).  But it sure would be nice if in 
Terminal, text output from 'find' could be copied, and subsequently 
pasted into the command line.  [Such a facility *is* available for a 
Linux console window.]


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