[sugar] how does an activity connect to the journal?

Paul Fox pgf
Wed Feb 27 17:18:35 EST 2008

hi --

where is the interface between activities and the journal
documented?  i'm not coming up with anything concrete when i
search the wiki.  (or alternatively, i'm coming up with too much
to wade through.)

my activity starts (and terminates) okay, and anything it emits
on stdout or stderr ends up in a log file under /home/olpc/.sugar
(so some things are working), and it appears on the "ring of
running apps", but it doesn't show up in the journal.

the app is an existing app that i'm sugarizing with the
assistance of an LD_PRELOAD helper called libsugarize.so that i
found via one of the forums.  it seems to do some fixups on
various X11 properties based on various SUGAR_XXX_ID variables
found in the environment.  (the author of this _might_ be Albert
Cahalan, but the sources are unsigned.)

in any case, i'd like to find some better docs in order to a)
figure out why the activity doesn't appear in the journal, and b)
to better understand these X properties that are being munged.

any and all pointers or tips welcomed...

 paul fox, pgf at foxharp.boston.ma.us (arlington, ma, where it's 29.5 degrees)

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