[sugar] All GCompris activities available

Samuel Klein meta.sj
Sun Sep 23 18:48:37 EDT 2007

Thanks, Bruno.  Some of these, like sudoku and superbrain, are great,
and would benfeit from multiplayer features.

Some require other libraries to work; for instance the chess
activities require gnuchess (we may want this in our base libraries,
but for now it can be bundled with the activity).

Some require extra files (memorytux, chessmovelearn, looking for

Some don't load for me (chess_partyend, tuxpaint)

Some are hard to use because of speed (watercycle).

Minor style notes : the icons should reference the inner and outer
XO-icon color; that way when the activity is launched, it shares the
user's colors in the desktop circle.  Right now all activities show up
as "GCompris" in that circle, with the same icon.


On 9/23/07, Bruno Coudoin <bruno.coudoin at free.fr> wrote:
> I just completed the changes to make GCompris play nice on the XO.
> It's now easy to create an XO bundle of any GCompris activity, either in
> C or python. If there is already a translation in GCompris, you can just
> bundle the translation with it.
> As an example, I just created an English bundle of all our activities.
> You can download them individually from http://gcompris.net/incoming/xo/
> The process to build an activity is documented there:
> http://gcompris.net/wiki/index.php/Todo_for_OLPC
> There are for sure still a lot of problems to solve. I won't search them
> because I don't know in all of these activities what is going to be used
> in the field.
> In order to go further, your feedback is welcome.
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