[sugar] All GCompris activities available

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin
Sun Sep 23 13:37:49 EDT 2007

I just completed the changes to make GCompris play nice on the XO.

It's now easy to create an XO bundle of any GCompris activity, either in
C or python. If there is already a translation in GCompris, you can just
bundle the translation with it.

As an example, I just created an English bundle of all our activities.
You can download them individually from http://gcompris.net/incoming/xo/

The process to build an activity is documented there:

There are for sure still a lot of problems to solve. I won't search them
because I don't know in all of these activities what is going to be used
in the field.

In order to go further, your feedback is welcome.

Bruno Coudoin
http://gcompris.net Free educational software for kids
http://toulibre.org Logiciel Libre ? Toulouse

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