[sugar] USB HID in Linux :Hidsdi.h and setupapi.h

ankita prasad prasad.ankita
Fri Sep 7 16:15:19 EDT 2007

Hello Everyone,

I am not too sure whether I am posting to the correct forum, but here is my

I have a USB HID device which I want the XO to be able to talk to.(Basic
"recognize HID device","read", "write" etc). I have a windows dll which
talks to the HID. I have the source code of this dll. I had thought that it
would be easy to build a .so using the source code. But it is not so. The
source accesses window specific headers like hidsdi.h and setupapi.h.

My question is, are there equivalent linux headers for hidsdi.h and
setupapi.h which have similar functions so that I wouldn't have to make
major changes in my source code?

If you have a USB HID device(apart from a mouse or keyboard) and you can
identify it, read from it and write to it in Linux,can you let me know how
you did it?

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