[sugar] ip4-address buddy property - still needed?

Jim Gettys jg
Thu Oct 25 10:16:54 EDT 2007

It seems, from your discussion like unless someone grumbles today, this
should be removed immediately.  And it removed within a week, even if
someone grumbles...
                             - Jim

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 10:15 +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
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> We still have one set of OLPC-specific patches to Salut (the link-local
> collaboration backend) that has been rejected upstream, which is the one
> that adds support for the deprecated ip4-address buddy property. This was
> used during a transitional period to enable simple TCP-based collaboration
> for activities that didn't use Tubes; Sjoerd is reluctant to keep this
> patch set, because it's meant to have gone away by now!
> Is anyone still using this property? If not, can we kill it? It was
> added in Trial-2, and it was meant to be gone by Trial-3 but was left in
> just in case, so it really ought to disappear. When it does, we can
> delete some code from Salut and Presence Service.
> Places it's exposed in the APIs, which I propose to get rid of:
> PS D-Bus API: Buddy.GetProperties() returns a dict that contains
>     "ip4-address": "" (or whatever), and Buddy.PropertyChanged
>     signal includes a dict that can contain the same
> sugar.presence: Buddy has a GLib property "ip4-address" (aka
>     buddy.props.ip4_address) and can emit it in its property-changed signal
> The Read activity appears to be the only thing in my jhbuild that uses
> ip4-address (#4297). It should be ported to either stream tubes (when they're
> ready in Salut, which should be this or next week) or D-Bus tubes (now).
> Gabble already supports stream tubes, so stream-tube support can be
> implemented on a branch and tested against Gabble. Porting from plain TCP
> to stream tubes should be very straightforward; I hope to produce a
> proof-of-concept patch for Read later today.
>     Simon
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