[sugar] Test-Process Sprint

Michael Stone michael
Thu Oct 11 20:00:21 EDT 2007

Dear @sugar and @devel,

A proposal was floated at today's security meeting to spend a day (how's
Wed. Oct. 17?) working together to improve the processes we use for
testing the software on the laptops.

Specifically, this means:
  * Making a "Test Activity" that we can all use to manually execute the
    test plans stored on the wiki 

  * Teaching interested people how our Tinderbox works so that you can
    contribute automated tests.

  * Playing with ways to get better feedback out of activities (i.e.
    special, machine-readable logging, use of accesibility extentions
    for scripting, embedding small interpreters, etc)

  * Making a collection-server and visualizer for the results generated
    by the "Test Activity"

  * Going through all of the old test plans, trying them out, and fixing
    up the parts that no longer apply

  * Working out the exact written instructions, from start to finish,
    for running a single activity under emulation.

Currently, we're thinking of coordinating this over our usual media:
IRC, email, git, and the wiki. To this end, I've put up a signup /
coordination page at 


Please sign up there and let us know what you're going to work on, and
whether you're going to be working over IRC or if you're able to come to
our headquarters in Cambridge (where we'll feed you!). Let's link off
from there to pages describing, in more detail, our thoughts on the
subjects listed above (and on any other relevant subjects).


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