[sugar] Developer Console

Eduardo Silva edsiper
Mon Oct 8 14:10:08 EDT 2007

Hi Guys,

We are thinking about how the *new* developer console must work and
which features it must include and which not.

The current developer console is trying to have/handle all: system
information, terminal, log viewer, memory stats, etc. and sometimes it
takes a lot of time to do some calcs for every task, and maybe it's
not necessary to keep all into DevConsole. Here's a basic proposal
about what the *new* console *can be*:

No more developer console, get a developer environment composed by:

1) Terminal-Activity, included by default in sugar but hided from the
activities launcher menu. Can be activated with some key binding as
'alt + 9'.

2) Create a simple Shell View with system information as: kernel
version, build version, Serial Number, Activities information (bundle
size, author, version...), CPU usage, presence service, etc

3) Memory Analysis acivity: An activity based on developer console
where is possible to get different stats about the memory usage by: X
Server, Activities, System process, etc.

4) Logviewer, an activity?, a shell view?, a separate gtk program ?

The above points are just ideas, it will be good to discuss about the
features required and patterns designs, all sugar/activities developer
have been used the current developer console more than once and maybe
it can help with some feedback in order improve it.



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