[sugar] Using Git / downloading activities and Memory problems

Aneto Okonkwo oaneto
Fri Jun 22 14:01:43 EDT 2007

Hoping someone on the list can help

1. Using git

I have been having difficulty installing git on windows.  Does anyone have
any instructions I can use to download and set it up?  Alternatively is
there anyway to use git on the olpc itself, does anyone have those
instructions?  Alternatively is there any other way to to retreive
activities that other people have created from the olpc code repository?  At
this time I am most interested in testing out the chat activity because I
want to reuse some of the code for an activity I have been working on

2.  Memory problems

We have been seeing a significant number of bugs and poor performance in the
activity we are working on due to memory problems.  For example, we are
preloading an array of 26 images ~32K each and this crashes on the olpc.  We
are experimenting with using smaller file sizes and other methods but I was
wondering if anyone has ideas for dealing with memory allocation in python
or other possible workarounds.


~ Aneto

Aneto Okonkwo
BS Management Science & Engineering
MA Education: Learning, Design & Technology
Stanford University
oaneto at stanford.edu
650.906.3961 (M)
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