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Bert Freudenberg bert
Thu Jun 21 16:15:10 EDT 2007

Indeed, "scratchpad" describes Etoys pretty precisely ;)

You can draw, write (even with multi-column text layout flowing  
around abjects), and of course calculate.

It's not just "type anywhere and a curve pops up", although in fact  
such an extension exists (but not included in the OLPC Etoys  
version): called MathMorphs and MorphicWrappers done by the  
Argentinian Squeak community a couple years ago:

and updated to work in recent Squeak releases


If there is enough interest in this (and I agree it's a great  
environment for exploring Math) we might try to find someone porting  
it to the OLPC version. Or maybe it just works if installed, I  
haven't tried (unfortunately our plates are still full with lower- 
level stuff).

- Bert -

On Jun 21, 2007, at 22:01 , Eben Eliason wrote:

> Rebecca -
> This sounds similar to some of my ideas for "Collage"...allowing  
> combinations of text, drawing, image, and other media formats in a  
> freeform canvas.  The response there seemed that Etoys was, in many  
> ways, already providing such a thing.  I think this is a really  
> interesting area though, and the potential to be able to send  
> multimedia documents around, specifically in an educational  
> environment, is huge. Do you have more thoughts on specifically how  
> this could be distinguished from Etoys?
> Additionally, there is the Sophie project, but I'm not that  
> familiar with it or how far along they've come with the project on  
> the XO.
> - Eben
> On 6/21/07, Rebecca Gettys <rebecca.gettys at comcast.net> wrote:  
> Hello all,
> I had an idea while playing witha green machine...this may be a little
> late, I don't know. What if ther was some sort of "scratchpad"  
> activity,
> not draw, or write,or calculator but a kind fusion of all three.
> mathimatical equasions could be typed out and then they could solve  
> with
> typing and or drawing for their work, and they could write guides and
> picture books and such with this activity as well. Is this in
> possible/in the plans/something similar is being made???
> ~Rebecca Gettys

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