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Julius B. Lucks julius
Mon Jun 18 16:47:40 EDT 2007

Hi All,

The Kuku team recently did a bunch of work on Kuku Anakula during the  
OLPC Game Jam.  The kids (and us!) had a great time, and we would  
like to polish things up in time for the June 25 mini-content  
release.  To that end, we would like as much feedback as possible.   
The code needs a lot of refactoring to be sure, but we would mainly  
like to know how to improve the game design.

The game is a number munchers clone for the XO, and at this point  
uses simple multiplication questions, with plans to expand the  
question content in the future.  Right now we have a start screen,  
followed by game play which ends when the three lives are gone, or  
five questions are answered correctly.

The description of the game with screenshots can be found at


Instructions are there for getting the latest code version as well.

Alternatively, you can get a tar file of the latest code at


This is all ready to go for running on an XO (just untar in an  
activities directory), and should also run on any machine that has  
python (2.5) and pygame (1.7.1) installed by going inside the  
Kuku.activity directory and typing

python kuku.py

We would love any feedback you can give.  Please reply to the list,  
or edit the Kuku talk page (http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Talk:Kuku) to  
add your thoughts and suggestions.  In particular, it would be very  
useful to have feedback on game play design in terms of progression  
of question difficulty, and any other ideas to keep the kids  
interested in the game.

We appreciate it!

Team Kuku

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