[sugar] olpc-games osc protocol

Simon Schamijer simon
Thu Jun 14 06:25:19 EDT 2007

Noah Kantrowitz wrote:
> Simon Schamijer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> memosono is using the osc protocol 
>> (http://opensoundcontrol.org/spec-1_0) to communicate with the game 
>> server and to talk to the csound server. I think it is an easy to use 
>> protocol and maybe some other games or activities want to use it as well.
>> An osc message consists of an OSC address pattern (a path) followed by 
>> an OSC type tag string followed by zero or more OSC arguments.
>> '/MEMOSONO/test', 'ifs', [1, 3.4, 'test']
>> osc is callback based. On the receiver side the osc path and the type 
>> tag is used to dispatch the right callback.
>> A python implementation of the osc protocol and a basic api for 
>> receiving and sending osc messages can be found in the memosono tree in 
>> the osc folder. There exist python bindings for the osc library liblo as 
>> well (http://das.nasophon.de/pyliblo/).
> What is the benefit of using this instead of SDL_mixer (as exposed
> through pygame.mixer)? Most games have no need to deal with a remote
> sound daemon, so I see no actual reason to use this.
> --Noah

The question was about the exchange of information between shared 
activities. I am convinced that dbus/telepathy is the way to go here. 
There was no idea of a game dealing with a remote sound daemon. Sorry if 
this was not clear from the mail.


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