[sugar] Tinderbox results, 20070611-1805-f7

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Tue Jun 12 04:38:10 EDT 2007

Sugar Tinderbox wrote:
>   (Down to one activity failing!  Simon, it would be great if you could
>   fix memosono in jhbuild.  Including the python csnd library is okay
>   with me..)
> Modules:  
>    http://dev.laptop.org/tinderbox/sugar-tinder/20070611-1805-f7
>    * all built successfully
> Activities:  
>    http://dev.laptop.org/tinderbox/sugar-tinder/20070611-1805-f7/activities.html
>    * Memosono.activity failed
> Details:
> Memosono.activity: Failed:

Hi Chris,

I removed memosono from the activities we build by default, we will need 
to solve the csound issue at some point, but it's tricky. Not sure if 
this will automatically be reflected in the activities you launch in the 


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