[sugar] olpc-games osc protocol

Simon Schamijer simon
Mon Jun 11 07:06:16 EDT 2007


memosono is using the osc protocol 
(http://opensoundcontrol.org/spec-1_0) to communicate with the game 
server and to talk to the csound server. I think it is an easy to use 
protocol and maybe some other games or activities want to use it as well.

An osc message consists of an OSC address pattern (a path) followed by 
an OSC type tag string followed by zero or more OSC arguments.

'/MEMOSONO/test', 'ifs', [1, 3.4, 'test']

osc is callback based. On the receiver side the osc path and the type 
tag is used to dispatch the right callback.

A python implementation of the osc protocol and a basic api for 
receiving and sending osc messages can be found in the memosono tree in 
the osc folder. There exist python bindings for the osc library liblo as 
well (http://das.nasophon.de/pyliblo/).


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