[sugar] BTest-4 vs. Trial-2 & Dates

Jim Gettys jg
Wed Jun 6 13:58:16 EDT 2007

For sanity's sake, and to give everyone as much time as possible this
time around, to *not* try to have everyone update for our BTest-4 build,
just to turn around and a few weeks later want another stable build for
use in trials.

So we split our schedule to have two different pieces, and different due
    1) a stable build, based on the 406 image, that will be updated with
kernel support for suspend/resume and autonomous networking.  This is
what we're calling "BTest-4".  It will *not* attempt to update sugar and
applications.  It is almost entirely focused on finishing up the basic
hardware support and as a result, ensuring the BTest-4 hardware works
    2) The next functional release, called "Trial-2", which is the next
version we intend to deploy for trials.  This is scheduled around the
fact that it is approximately a month from when machines are built (in
mid to late June) until they are tested, shipped to OLPC, transshipped
to countries, unpacked, and ready for actual use in field trials. This
is the much more ambitious integration of all the work going on in
Sugar, the presence and "tubes" middle ware,  and applications.

You can see this (and the expected contents) on:


Here are the dates (all dates and times are Cambridge MA):

        6/7  6PM OFW Drop to Quanta
        6/11 6PM Last possible OFW update to Quanta
        6/13 6PM NAND B4 Release Candidate to Quanta
        6/15 6PM NAND B4 Drop dead date
        6/29 First B4's start shipping to Cambridge

        6/19 6PM Proposals for any new activities due
        6/26 6PM Trial-2 feature freeze - Activity bundles due
        6/29 6PM Trial-2 RC-1
        6/29 6PM Decisions on new activities
        7/06 6PM Trial-2 RC-2
        7/16 6PM Trial-2 RC-3 (code freeze)
        7/23 6PM Trial-2 Final.

                                                    - Jim

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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