[sugar] Tinderbox results, 20070605-0145.

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Tue Jun 5 14:13:54 EDT 2007

Chris Ball wrote:
> Some follow-up points here:
> * These mails aren't being sent automatically at the moment, because I
>   don't know how often everyone will want to see them.  The tinderbox
>   script generates the mail message, and my plan for now is to send it
>   out manually when something changes in the results.
> * Do we want these messages to go to sugar@, or is that too spammy?
>   We can create another list if needed.

While we are doing only one build per day sugar@ is probably fine.

> * Could we have the logs/*.log files contain only one copy of the
>   Python tracebacks?  That would make these mails easier to follow.

I'll look into it next week when I'm back from vacation. A ticket would 
be useful.

> * I guess it would be easy to keep a dictionary of "activity name 
>   => maintainer e-mail address", and then CC: the maintainers of
>   broken activities on these mails.  Good idea?

Yeah that sounds good to me.



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