[sugar] #1560 NORM Trial-2: Activity launch not detected

Bert Freudenberg bert
Mon Jun 4 09:30:44 EDT 2007

On Jun 3, 2007, at 18:01 , Zarro Boogs per Child wrote:

> #1560: Activity launch not detected
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>   Reporter:  bert    |       Owner:  dcbw
>       Type:  defect  |      Status:  reopened
>   Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:  Trial-2
>  Component:  sugar   |     Version:
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> Comment (by marco):
>  This should be fixed again in the latest git. Activity id and  
> bundle id
>  should now be provided by two properties of the toplevel X window.
>  _SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ID (utf8 string)
>  _SUGAR_BUNDLE_ID (utf8 string)
>  sugar/lib/sugar-x11-util.c has the code which we use to set those
>  properties for python activities.

This only complicates matters. Not only for Etoys (which does not  
have a way to set X properties currently), but I see you had to  
resort to C code even for Python activities. I'd much prefer if the  
only thing Sugar cares about an activity X-wise is its window ID (and  
we're working on a way to make that accessible in Squeak). Everything  
else should be handled by DBus, and this is how it actually was  
before your refactoring. If anything I'd shift communication  
*towards" DBus, not away from it towards X by introducing arbitrary  
and unnecessary properties.

Besides, it does not address the original problem - that if an  
activity X window is opened and detected by the Sugar shell, but it  
has not created its DBus service yet, the shell will mistake it for a  
raw X app (creating a
"raw" icon in the donut next to the still flashing activity icon).  
This can easily be fixed up later by detecting the DBus service  
creation and removing the raw icon - this is how my fix worked.

I do like the cleanup you did to the home model code, but please, can  
we do away with the properties?

- Bert -

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