[sugar] Issue: Activities do not start

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Sun Jun 3 19:10:18 EDT 2007

Ryan Pavlik wrote:
> Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
>> Ryan Pavlik wrote:
>>> Hello!  I've run a sugar-jhbuild, and with a work-around hack to get 
>>> around my previous problem, I can now run the sugar desktop.  
>>> However, when I click to start an activity, it will show up in the 
>>> ring for a little while (a few seconds) then disappear, never 
>>> starting fully.  Here is a complete log of a sugar session in which 
>>> I try to start the Write activity: presumably the interesting stuff 
>>> is at the end.  (I'm on AMD64 if that makes a difference, Ubuntu 
>>> Feisty)
>>> I am wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this issue, or 
>>> if it is a problem in the source.  (and if so, if it's easy enough 
>>> for me to fix).  Thanks for your help!
>> Can you open the developer console?
>> If so please try to run "sugar-activity write" inside a terminal in 
>> the developer console and see the output.
>> Marco
> I tried to copy and paste, but couldn't.  I do see, however, a 
> traceback in sugar-activity, with the same error as when starting 
> sugar (signed int is greater than maximum), apparently in 
> /build/lib/python-2.4/site-packages/sugar/graphics/combobox.py.  
> Replacing the sys.maxint there with 0x7fffffff lets the activity 
> start, but there are some visual errors - the activity does not fill 
> the entire screen but rather shows around 100-200 pixels (estimate) on 
> the right side of the activity, and about 7/8ths of the entire screen 
> below the activity.  Now when I start Sugar, a small (~100x200) box 
> appears in the upper-left corner covering some of the frame icons: I 
> presume this is the autostarting journal activity.

That's because matchbox is not starting... And I *think* it's another 64 
bit specific bug.

It would be useful if you could try something like:

[marco at localhost sugar-jhbuild]$ ./sugar-jhbuild shell
[marco at localhost sugar-jhbuild]$ Xephyr :2 -ac &
[1] 14232
[marco at localhost sugar-jhbuild]$ DISPLAY=:2 matchbox-window-manager

And report the output. Also if you get a segfault, it would be good to 
run matchbox-window-manager under gdb and get a stack trace.



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