[sugar] Python: distutils, setuptools, packages, etc

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Wed Sep 27 18:04:48 EDT 2006

Ian Bicking wrote:
> So, the other topic about package layout, is if and how OLPC should 
> use distutils and/or setuptools.
> Right now, honestly, I don't understand the Sugar build process (not 
> jhbuild so much as the sugar package itself).  I assume it makes sense 
> to people familiar with auto* and the configure/make/make install 
> pattern.  Honestly I'm not one of those people, so maybe the current 
> system handles requirements I'm unaware of.
> Anyway, the conventional way to distribute and install a package in 
> Python is with distutils.  This involves a file setup.py in the root 
> of the package, which describes the package and anything in the build 
> process (for pure-Python packages it's very short).  It handles 
> compiling extensions as well, but without as much flexibility as 
> configure, or as efficient as make.  But in practice it seems to be 
> enough flexibility, and certainly enough for OLPC.  And you just have 
> a setup.py file, without any other build-related files, which I 
> personally appreciate.


I can't comment on the technical merits of distutils since I never used 
them. Generally everyone hates auto* but as Dan mention it's a very 
flexible system.

Anyway the reason we chose automake to start with was:

- All the sugar dependencies use it. There is some value in a consistent 
build system for the whole software stack.
- The whole GNOME tools ecosystem is based on auto*. Just think about 
jhbuild or pkg-config.
- Sugar will end up being a mix of C and python code.
- We are familiar with it.

Still I think it might bw worth considering distutils as one of the 
option for external activities. It might just be easier for people that 
are not familiar with auto*. In general I think the bundles 
specification should be kept independent from any build system (and I 
think it is atm)


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