[sugar] RFC: activity bundles

Bert Freudenberg bert
Fri Sep 1 05:05:20 EDT 2006

Am 01.09.2006 um 02:36 schrieb Dan Williams:

> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activity_Bundles
> Comments welcome.  Especially from you, Blizzard, since easily
> installable and transferable activities is your baby :)

You wrote: 'Each activity bundle must, in its root directory, contain  
a file with the same name as the activity bundle, but ending in  
".info" rather than ".activity"'.

IMHO a fixed name, like "activity.info" would be preferable.

We could then rename the bundle, try different versions etc. without  
needing to touch the inside. Also it would be simpler to script:

	grep default_type *.activity/activity.info

It's common practice as well, like JAR's manifest.mf or OS/X bundle's  

- Bert -

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