[sugar] Intro

Ian Bicking ianb
Wed Nov 29 15:42:17 EST 2006

Celeste Lyn Paul wrote:
> I am an HCI-sorts of person interested in contributing to the OLPC project.  
> Besides my day job, I contribute a lot of work to the KDE, OpenUsability, and 
> Ubuntu projects.  Sugar seems like a good place to help out (unless you know 
> of better places for me to be? :).

Hi Celeste.  I don't think anyone responded to you?  Sorry about that; I 
think you sent your email when everyone was out for holidays or 
exhausted from the recent hardware deadline.

Right now I'm afraid you might find the build process frustrating with 
Sugar, but hopefully that should help soon.  There's been a lot of 
activity on the Wiki: 

I'm not sure exactly who's heading that up...?  Some of the pages are 
locked, but feedback via the talk pages would be welcome I'm sure, and 
then we can hopefully get you in contact with the people leading the HCI 
process as well.

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