[sugar] music program in sugar?

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpg
Fri Aug 25 12:54:19 EDT 2006

Leonard "paniq" Ritter wrote:
> hi there,
> is any kind of music application planned for the laptop / the sugar
> desktop? i am at the moment developing an experimental open source music
> application especially suitable for children (i hope), trying to
> introduce a new more table-top based approach to arranging and composing
> music and sound effects.
> perhaps anyone in charge can have a look at it ( http://www.mjoo.org )
> and maybe make a judgement on how well such a project could suit the
> sugar project
There is another music effort going on:

I'm not sure how the two compares and if there is space for cooperation. 
I'm ccing one of the authors.

You seem to be using gtk/python already so write a sugar activity should 
be really easy:
Something that worries me is that you are using OpenGL... it's probably 
going to be pretty slow on the laptop.


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