[sugar] Building matchbox-window-manager fails under ubuntu 6.06

Manu Cornet manu.cornet
Sun Aug 13 06:04:58 EDT 2006

Hi David!

> I got the error when building sugar under unbutu 6.06 following the instructions in the wiki:
> Sugar on Ubuntu Linux(http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar_on_Ubuntu_Linux)
> The other modules are OK. Only matchbox-window-manager fails. What should I do next? Are there any other packages need to be installed first?

This might be an autoconf/automake version problem? Try entering the
matchbox subdirectory (search in "sources"), and run "autoconf" and
"automake" again, making sure they are the latest versions (you might
need to explicitly run automake-1.9, from the automake1.9 package).

If this doesn't solve your problem, we can continue this in private
email and/or IRC :)


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