[sugar] Re: [OLPC-devel] Python bindings for tinymail, a call for help

Christopher Blizzard blizzard
Tue Aug 8 11:32:33 EDT 2006

Ivan Krstic wrote:
> Christopher Blizzard wrote:
>> The library is nice, but it doesn't give us what we need - a nice,
>> small, easy to use client.
> ... that integrates with the rest of the system. I spoke to Philip on
> IRC; there are things that he can implement in libtinymail that would go
> a long way towards resolving our backend e-mail issues (storage,
> threading, indexing, etc). If that can get done adequately, I'll feel
> comfortable committing to using the library on the backend; the frontend
> will wind up in Yellow. Not for October, but certainly ought to by next
> year.

I think you should explain to people here (including me!) wtf Yellow is.


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