[sugar] Crash after login screen?

Teus Benschop teus
Tue Aug 8 09:57:54 EDT 2006

I can't see how stable build 55 is on the testboards by lack of those 
boards, but if the image boots in the qemu simulator, it still won't log 
into an X session.

And there are a number of error messages during bootup, though they 
don't prevent the boot from continuing.

Is there some trick here to get the more recent nightly builds to run in 

Thank you,


Christopher Blizzard wrote:
> Burnsmi wrote:
>> Any idea when the nightly builds will stabalize under some of the more
>> up to date code? I'm curious to see what has gotten accomplished.
> build55 is pretty good.  That's the new stable one listed here:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Build_images
> The sugar snapshot on there is super-duper old, which doesn't help you 
> much.  But it's a start.
> --Chris
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