[IAEP] Doc for Making Mission Statement and Stated Goals

Caryl Bigenho caryl at laptop.org
Mon Apr 10 20:27:10 EDT 2017

Hi All….

I was hoping someone else would step in and create this document, but since there were to takers, I have done it!  Here is what should happen next…

Before going on to the Stated Goals, the Mission Statement should be revised and refined to reflect exactly what Sugar Labs members (not just Board Members) want Sugar Labs to be and represent. All members should feel free to work on this.

At the same time, be thinking about the Stated Goals. At this point they are just an example of what they could be. But, they should not be made and finalized until the Mission Statement is agreed upon.

No “Objectives” or activities are listed yet. They come after the goals which, in turn, come after the Mission Statement.

So…. Please… play with the Mission Statement. Share your ideas. Once you think it is fine, say so!

Here is the link to the document. Anyone with the link can both edit and comment. Feel free to do both as you see fit.


Have fun,


P.S. This in no way devalues the work many of you did last year making the very extensive list of objectives or activities you put in the wiki. After the Stated Goals are agreed upon, it will be time to fit them into the structure. You will probably find that many can be combined and that, perhaps, some will not meet any of our agreed upon goals and should not be included.

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