[IAEP] Technical Service Request - Project: Sugar Network

Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
Sat Apr 8 08:42:50 EDT 2017

Hello all,

As per SLOB's request in yesterday's meeting, I'm attaching the Sugar
Network urgent maintenance project proposal.

I hope this documents covers all the information required by SLOB's to make
a decision.

Regards from the Peruvian Amazon forest,


2017-04-02 23:58 GMT-05:00 Laura Vargas <laura at somosazucar.org>:

> Dear Community members, Oversight Board Members and Free Software
> Conservancy Staff,
> I would like to add the following request to the upcoming April's Sugar
> Labs Oversight Board meeting:
> Our dear *Sugar Network is in #urgent need of maintenance*.
> Due the the recurrent *spam attacks *we have had during previous months,
> and due to the fact that we are serving a large group of active users
> during the local school year, I'm hereby requesting funds to perform the
> following technical services:
> -  The addition of a "Captcha" identifier for the 3 main forms.
> -  Clean the Spam comments
> Active users this could help: +40,000
> Name of who is actually doing the work: Luis Sebastian Silva, Laura
> Victoria Vargas
> Funds required:  USD $500
> I openly declare the existence of conflict of interest associated with any
> funding request presented by me and/or my husband as long as I continue
> serving as a Sugar Labs Oversight Board member.
> Notwithstanding the above, I understand Conservancy acknowledges that many
> PLC (Project Leadership Committee) Persons are technical service
> contractors and therefore it would be doable for the Sugar Labs Oversight
> Board to approve the required funds.
> According to the Software Freedom Conservancy Conflict of Interest Policy,
> a conflicted PLC Person must abstain from and must not hear nor read the
> pre-vote discussions of the matter.
> Therefore* I will not vote nor participate in any pre-vote discussions of
> this matter.*
> Blessings and thanks in advance!
> Attachment 1: Artwork shared at Sugar Network - English Class Prof. Hilda
> Attachment 2: Official Conflict of Interest Policy of Conservancy
> Attachment 3: Spam Comments on Sugar Network
> --
> Laura V.
> * I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org*
> “No paradox, no progress.”
> ~ Niels Bohr
> Happy Learning!

Laura V.
* I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org*

“No paradox, no progress.”
~ Niels Bohr

Happy Learning!
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