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Hi All...

The badges are a bad idea!  There is absolutely no guarantee that badge holders would make any contributions to warrant the amounts they would be collecting just for being some kind of "hero" in the past. SugarLabs funds should be reserved for specific projects and products. If these special folks on the "anointed" list have specific projects they would like to be funded to do... great! Let them present proposals ... carefully thought out and carefully crafted proposals, to the SLOB for possible approval.

There is also an obvious, huge, conflict of interest in having so many of the proposed badge recipients voting on the issue. Doing something like this will take away all credibility of SugarLabs as an NGO or even as a viable organization that relies heavily on volunteer contributions to their efforts.


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Hi all! Hola a todos!

For tomorrow's Sugar Labs Oversight Board meeting, the Open Badges pilot proposal will remain "on hold" since we don't have yet a clear implementation plan.

Please read the current status of the proposal [1] and consider adding your opinion to the discussion page.


[1] https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Open_Badges

Laura V.

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