[IAEP] Design Team Report

Gary Martin garycmartin at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 16 08:37:55 EDT 2011

Sugar Teams Update Report, September 2011

Name of team: Design Team

Mission statement: The mission of the Design Team is to make Sugar beautiful, elegant, and highly functional for our target users.

Short Term Goals (three–six months):
1. Write updated Sugar HIG.
2. Work with Activity Team to finish implementation of the ongoing Activity UI review.
3. Improve Home view Start new/Resume work flow.
4. Improve Group view.
5. Improve touch based UI support.

Medium Term Goals (6 months–one year):
1. Work on Sugar UI design changes for improved support on touch only based interfaces (e.g. virtual keyboard support).
2. Revisit original Sugar design goals and see if any are able move forward (overlay chat, bulletin board, Journal object vs action view, Journal versioning UI, etc).

Long Term Goals (one year–three years):
1. NA

What does the team see as its constraints from being more successful in its Mission? Ability to gather feedback and usage information from our target users to help complete the design loop.

What are you doing to try to resolve the constraint? Mining mail lists, wikis, blogs, for any thing that might be appropriate.

What can Sugar Labs 'central' or the community do to help? Provide more feedback about how Sugar is being used by our target users so we can refine, or replace design elements.

Manuel & Gary

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