[IAEP] EduJAM day 2 Tour of Uruguay

David Farning dfarning at activitycentral.com
Mon May 2 15:24:53 EDT 2011

This morning we are in a classroom observing (and after a few minutes
participating) in a class room session involving turtle art.

The first task was to draw a rectangle with two side being 3 cm long and the
other two side being less then 3 cm. This involved using as ruler to
determine how many turtle steps in a centimeter. 

Step 2 was doing this with the repeat block.

Step 3 was  attaching a right triangle which shared a side with the

At this school, I am not sure how wide spread the practice is, the teachers
work from a daily curriculum. It is up to them to build us of the XO into
the lesson plan.

Once per week a plan Ceibal teacher trainer come to the school to help the
teacher create learning task which align with the upcoming curriculum. Using
this system of training the trainer appears to be a cost effective method of
scaling expertise.

>From a tech point of view, the big question have been:
1. Running sugar on non-xo hardware.
2. The journal is a bit confusing.
3. Print is a must.
4. questions about why touch pad behavior has changed in the latest release
with out giving teachers a heads up.



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