[Systems] Matrix channel for the sysadmins

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Mon Oct 19 06:03:11 EDT 2020

Hello sysadmins,

Srevin and I have been making a number of small improvements to 
sunjammer (*), but we coordinated directly on Telegram, skipping the 
mailing-list and the Hangouts group.

So we were thinking... since we already have #sugar:matrix.org with a 
bridge to FreeNode, perhaps we could add #sugar-systems:matrix.org and 
move everybody there. Those who hate Matrix / Element / Riot can still 
use the IRC gateway (provided it works reliably).

If people prefer, we're also happy to create a group on Telegram, which 
would have the advantage of being end-to-end encrypted for sensitive 
conversations between us sysadmins. Matrix also does E2EE, but obviously 
not when bridging to FreeNode.

OK, let the bike shedding begin!

(*) including the unannounced update of wiki.sugarlabs.org to MW 1.35

_ // Bernie Innocenti
\X/  https://codewiz.org/

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