[Systems] Dead drive on Freedom

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Sun Oct 13 10:34:13 EDT 2019

A few days ago, one of the drives on freedom died. It was part of the 
RAID1 array containing the following filesystems:

   root                 md0                          10g
   --empty--            md1                          10g
   --empty --           md2                          10g
   backup               freedom-lvm     -wi-ao---- 1000g
   docker_extra_storage freedom-lvm     -wi-ao----   15g
   freedom-virtual      freedom-lvm     -wi-ao----  500g
   hammock-data         freedom-lvm     -wi-a-----  150g
   hanginggarden-data   freedom-lvm     -wi-a-----   50g
   ole-data             freedom-lvm     -wi-a-----  100g
   socialhelp           freedom-lvm     -wi-ao----   20g

I believe hammock-data, hanginggarden-data and ole-data belong to VMs 
that were migrated elsewhere and can be deleted.

The dead drive was a 2TB WDC WD20EARS. It's no longer manufactured, but 
we could get one used for US$30 + shipping from Amazon:


I had already installed a pair of WDC WD2003FZEX in freedom some time 
ago. These are currently almost empty:

   --empty--            md3                          10.00g
   --empty--            md126                        20.00g
   docker               freedom-lvm-new -wi-a-----   30.00g
   virtual              freedom-lvm-new -wi-a-----  200.00g

So we could simply move all partitions there and then decommission the 
old array. The tricky part is ensuring freedom will boot again 
afterwards :-)

Given that the management console requires Java and IE, I don't feel 
comfortable doing this remotely. We need someone on standby in the 
server room to assist if the server doesn't come back.

_ // Bernie Innocenti
  \X/  https://codewiz.org/

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