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Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Tue Sep 25 12:21:14 EDT 2018

I don't mind keeping jita and beacon around if there are still active
users, but judging from the alerts we're getting from munin, jita's root
filesystem will fill up soon and cause it to fail.

Could you try to free up some space, perhaps removing open build server
if nobody is using it?

On 25/09/2018 14.34, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> On 24/09/18 07:58, Bernie Innocenti wrote:
>> Is anyone using beacon? Can we shut it down along with jita?
> Hi Bernie,
> Regarding /jita/, it runs the Sugar Network.
> The main feature of Sugar Network
> <https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Network> was to launch Activities
> from a /Network/ View. Stats
> <http://jita.sugarlabs.org/node.sugarlabs.org/> suggest a few hundred
> users use it still (it was only ever deployed in Peru until
> 2015).//<http://network.sugarlabs.org/>
> I can't offer the time needed to upgrade Sugar Network. Please do as you
> see fit.
> Regarding /beacon/, we were hosting a Jappy Activity
> <https://gitlab.com/fuentelibre/Jappy> under the domain Educa.Juegos
> <https://educa.juegos/> but /beacon/ stopped responding in August. We
> since moved it to Glitch.com.
> Thanks for your generosity in hosting us until now!
> Regards,
> Sebastian

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